To access the abstract submission for 12th ICTHIC Congress you must register as Authors Correspondents using the link "Registration for abstracts submission" in the top menu. All communications will be sent to the email address specified at registration. Remember that the first author of the abstract or the presenter will necessarily have to be registered to the 12th ICTHIC Congress.

The scientific contributions must be written in English and sent by March 11, 2024 through the pages of this website. Please be aware that the deadline is mandatory and it will be not postponed.
The electronic form will be organized as follows:

Authors may modify or request to withdraw their abstract(s) until the Abstract submission deadline. Any late or inappropriately formatted submissions will be rejected. The Scientific Committee will examine the contributions for oral presentation or poster presentation. The oral presentations are to be selected for presentation in the plenary sessions. Abstract notifications will be communicated to the author corresponding before congress.
Attention: If you do not receive an automatic message after submission please drop us an email immediately: scientificsecretariat@icthic.com
Last but not least, the official language of the congress is English and the presenter should be one of the authors.

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